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Founded in 2019 by a visionary team of African-American entrepreneurs, Rakanda Gold Coffee Roasters has been pioneering the path for premium African coffee in America. With over 40 years of collective expertise in importing, roasting, and distributing

Every cup of Rakanda Gold Coffee promises an unparalleled experience of authentic African flavors, crafted for those who seek a smooth, bold, and refreshingly unique coffee experience. Join us in savoring the true essence of Africa with every sip.

In partnership with the Kikuluongo Coffee Cooperative and other esteemed cooperatives, we are proud to directly supply the U.S. market with exceptional coffee, reviving a legacy that has been dormant for over 45 years. Our collaboration stands as a historic first, bringing African coffee into the American market through an exclusive African-American enterprise.

Rakanda Gold Coffee Roasters is also deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practices. We ensure that our coffee is responsibly sourced, prioritizing fair wages and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. By choosing Rakanda, you're not just enjoying a cup of coffee; you're supporting a movement that values the well-being of our planet and the hardworking farmers who cultivate these precious beans.

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